Nature. Beauty, diversity, intrique. Seeking escape from our busy daily lives we head onto lush forested paths, climb mountains to catch a glimpse of a sunrise - start of a new day, swim in shimmering gold and silver of crystal clear lakes and rivers. In nature we find solitude. But no matter how still and solitary a landscape may look, there's always life, someone keeping an eye on rhythms of the wilderness. Plants, birds, mammals and fish, all of them part of art since the beginning of humanity...

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Pavlina Krivy Glacier Meadows

Pavlina Krivy Night Watch

Pavlina Krivy Joy of Flight

Pavlina Krivy Audubon

Pavlina Krivy Flanders Dawn

Pavlina Krivy Expressed With Flowers

Pavlina Krivy Calypso Orchids.

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